The terms “Hamba,” “Makina,” and — last but not least — “Kasuotan,” which refers to apparel, make up the acronym HAMAKA. These three foods—Hamba, Makina, and Kasuotan—make Taytay renowned. Taytayenos work in the woodworking and clothing sewing industries, although their primary occupation is clothing design and production.

Hamaka Festival

The HAMAKA festival is observed on the 22nd day of the third week of February. HAMAKA celebration was first observed as a form of thanksgiving for a successful harvest, but after so many years, it developed into a tradition.

Additionally, in English, HAMAKA means “duyang” or “hammock.” The entire word HAMAKA, or Hamba, Makina, and KAsuotan, is powerful and well-made, as Jose Rizal and his mother frequently use it to travel to Antipolo City.