Considering the Philippines’ importance and the number of places visa-free holders of Philippine passports can travel to, the country is ranked 125th in the VisaGuide Passport Index for January 2023. The index rates nations according to a “destination significance score” that is based on a nation’s economic might, its impactContinue Reading

Siquijor Coco Grove Beach

Without really understanding what it implies, the phrase “home away from home” is frequently misused. Hotels, resorts, and other lodging establishments frequently use this description to entice tourists. Oftentimes, visitors to the Coco Grove Beach Resort describe it as being tucked away on the enigmatic island of Siquijor. It’s notContinue Reading

Hamaka Festival

The terms “Hamba,” “Makina,” and — last but not least — “Kasuotan,” which refers to apparel, make up the acronym HAMAKA. These three foods—Hamba, Makina, and Kasuotan—make Taytay renowned. Taytayenos work in the woodworking and clothing sewing industries, although their primary occupation is clothing design and production. The HAMAKA festivalContinue Reading

Coron Island

Coron is among the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and is the third largest island. A day full of adventures can be had by exploring the tunnels hidden behind the limestone peaks that are located toward the island’s center. Coron Island is the perfect location for snorkeling or scubaContinue Reading

The list of regular holidays and unique non-working days in the nation for 2023 has been made public by Malacanang. On Monday, August 22, Proclamation No. 42 was approved by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. The announcement was made on Tuesday, August 23. Marcos altered the original decree on November 11Continue Reading