To serve the market’s middle- and low-income sectors, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. debuted its prepaid fiber home internet service on Thursday. Converge ICT co-founder and CEO Dennis Anthony Uy stated during a press conference in Pasig City, “We are now introducing today the ‘Surf2Sawa’ prepaid fiber.” In addition to majorContinue Reading

Bitcoin: What is it? Although if bitcoin has become increasingly famous in the online world (honestly, who hasn’t heard of it by now? ), the money isn’t actually very marketable in the conventional sense. Simply said, you won’t soon see any TV commercials for bitcoin (if ever). And despite theContinue Reading


As the world develops in so many ways to assist, comfort, and facilitate our everyday requirements, the entertainment sector has reached the point where individuals may now enjoy streaming their favorite TV episodes and films. We are also well past the time when we could only buy one movie throughContinue Reading

The list of regular holidays and unique non-working days in the nation for 2023 has been made public by Malacanang. On Monday, August 22, Proclamation No. 42 was approved by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. The announcement was made on Tuesday, August 23. Marcos altered the original decree on November 11Continue Reading