To aid in the nation’s economic growth and recovery, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. urged the populace on Tuesday to “pay the correct amount of taxes on time.”

Marcos urged the populace to work with the government to strengthen the nation’s tax collecting system during the national tax campaign launch of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Pasay City.

In his statement at the event, he urged the audience to pay their taxes on time and in full in order to assist the nation’s crucial economic expansion and recovery right now.

He continued, “I am certain that you will continue to work, communicate, and coordinate with the government on how to enhance the functionality of our tax collection system.

Marcos has promised the populace that his administration will continuously use tax revenue for the good of all.

Additionally, Marcos commended the BIR’s initiatives to digitize transactions and strengthen the enforcement of tax laws.

He urged the tax agency to uphold the highest standards of honesty and professionalism in order to increase public trust in the nation’s taxation system.

BIR Commissioner Romeo Lumagui Jr. promised to continue to be zealous in prosecuting tax evaders. He claimed that the bureau is actively upholding the law to ensure that everyone makes their debt payments.

“We’ll keep going after illegal traders. Fake receipt users and creators would be held accountable, Lumagui continued.