As vivo prepares to unveil yet another technical marvel in the V series line, fans and smartphone aficionados are ready for another thrilling surprise from the industry-leading smartphone company.

The vivo V27 Series, also known as the #TheAuraPortraitMaster, is the follow-up to the vivo V25 Series and is believed to provide fans a one-of-a-kind camera function that will transform any smartphone into a studio in a pocket.

It is anticipated that this new feature will be just as practical and fashionable—if not more so—than earlier improvements given vivo’s outstanding track record of successful releases.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the vivo V27 Series is set to combine strong and adaptable camera functions with a thin design that many customers will undoubtedly adore.

As part of its commitment to meeting the demands of youthful customers, vivo is believed to have included an aura light—a built-in ring light—in this most recent model of its premium smartphones. Portrait photos get sharper and more realistic-looking when this is used in place of the standard camera flash.

This function also adds a soft lighting appearance to photos, which is often only seen in pictures taken in a well-equipped studio.

The aura light portrait creates studio-quality lighting for still images and moving images, brings out the best features of the subject’s face, and makes their skin appear glowing.

The smartphone company allegedly collaborated with SONY to develop its specialized ultra-sensing sensors, which ensure higher-quality images even in low light or dark environments, continuing its tradition of working with global leaders and pioneers in the imaging world as it did with ZEISS for the vivo X80 Series.

In addition to producing brighter images, the modified sensor now boasts Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) capabilities, providing enthusiasts more steady photos and better in-action shots.

The EIS+OIS Hybrid Imaging Stabilization function, which is available in the brand’s higher-end devices, is also anticipated to be included in the vivo V27 series in order to reduce out-of-angle and shaky movies.

Industry rumors suggest that the series will also include a 50MP HD front camera with an enhanced auto-focus feature that catches the subject’s face more quickly and accurately, resulting in consistently clear pictures.

If you take a closer look at vivo’s most recent releases, you’ll see that the smartphone company prioritizes utility while still putting design and comfort first. Talk about matching accessories for your OOTDs! It is anticipated that the sleek and flat frame design would be combined with the Photochromic 2.0 technology, which is still a mainstay in the V series.

For customers who like maximizing unplanned opportunities, the vivo V27 series will be portable, lightweight, and have an ergonomic grip.

This new addition’s shell will probably be straightforward and elegant based on the design concept of the V series. Its back camera setup will ooze simplicity and go more in the direction of the less is more school of thought.