As the world develops in so many ways to assist, comfort, and facilitate our everyday requirements, the entertainment sector has reached the point where individuals may now enjoy streaming their favorite TV episodes and films.

We are also well past the time when we could only buy one movie through DVDs and CDs, and gone are the days when people had to wait months to view newly released TV shows and movies.

You may now access a single platform to view all of your favorite movies and TV shows! Everyone is familiar with Netflix; it is an American streaming service available by subscription that was founded in California.

To give entertainment for the Filipino people who enjoy spending their free time viewing as a method to unwind with their family and friends, it quickly became accessible across nations, including the Philippines way back in 2016!

Without a question, the Filipinos quickly developed a passion for Netflix, which helped the country become one of the top Netflix users, to the point where the majority of Filipino houses have Netflix family plans.

What is the cost of Netflix subscriptions in the Philippines?

The Philippines is regarded as one of the top nations for Netflix subscriptions as of the year 2022. If you’re wondering how much it will cost you to stream endlessly, the current price ranges for each subscription Netflix is providing are as follows:

Netflix Plan TypeAbout the PlanCost per Month
MobileVideo Quality: 480p resolution
How many users: 1 user (For tablets and phone only)
Php 149.00
BasicVideo Quality: 480p resolution
How many users: 1 user
Php 369.00
StandardVideo Quality: 1080p resolution
How many users: Up to 2 users at a time
Php 459.00
PremiumVideo Quality: 4K + HDR
How many users: Up to 4 users at a time
Php 549.00

Why Sign Up for a Netflix Plan?

We strongly advise you to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t already.

Netflix started out in the Philippines with a very small selection of movies, but as was already noted, the Philippines is currently regarded as the third-best country in the world to have a Netflix subscription.

Due to this, Netflix Philippines begun to increase the variety of their film selection by adding a selection of excellent and well-known new Filipino films as well as Tagalog TV series! Why Sign Up for a Netflix Plan? We have two points to offer you:

Number One:
The availability of the above-mentioned Netflix subscription kinds at reasonable prices is something you won’t regret. In comparison to other stream providers’ per-movie price plans, it is unquestionably a terrific deal.

Number Two:
You’ll undoubtedly appreciate real-time updates on your favorite films and TV shows!

Its interface is very simple to use since it automatically groups TV series and movies into categories like the Trending Category, Asian/American Movies, the genre, and the Suggested collections for you based on the most recent TV shows or movie set you have watched.

Incredible, huh? Netflix will do all the work for you, so you won’t have to worry about searching for or deciding what movie or TV show to watch!