Without really understanding what it implies, the phrase “home away from home” is frequently misused. Hotels, resorts, and other lodging establishments frequently use this description to entice tourists.

Siquijor Coco Grove Beach

Oftentimes, visitors to the Coco Grove Beach Resort describe it as being tucked away on the enigmatic island of Siquijor. It’s not quite a hidden gem, but it does offer tourists a gem of an experience, one that will have you yearning gazing at its vivid, sunset-orange walls and thinking about your next trip.

A distinctive welcome sign will meet you as soon as you arrive at one of the island’s two ports. Their drivers that we’ve met have all been a pleasure to converse with. We immediately recognized the check-in crew as being equally endearing and welcoming, and we were confident in their superior customer service.

Compelling reasons why the resort belongs on your must-visit list:

  • Your breath will literally and figuratively be taken away while exploring the entire resort.
  • Even better, you may take in Siquijor’s beauty without ever leaving the resort.
  • However, you are more than welcome to spend a day seeing more of the island, and the helpful resort personnel can make all the necessary arrangements.
  • Coco Grove also organizes tours to several of the adjacent provinces if you truly want to explore more of what they have to offer.
  • While we’re talking about diving, it’s important to note that Coco Grove enjoys first-rate access to Tubod Marine Sanctuary.
  • After a long day of excursions and activities, getting a massage is the greatest thing to do. Fortunately, Coco Grove is home to a world-class wellness center that you must visit.
  • Their on-site Salamandas Restaurant must not be disregarded when discussing delectable beverages and experiences.
  • Their accommodations are more than nice and quite comfortable to stay in when it’s finally time to turn in, and the most offer guests stunning views of the ocean.
  • Last but not least, the exceptional level of service at Coco Grove is unrivaled.